Pool Equipment


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 Here at Swim Gem we stock a full assortment of filters. We can supply you with sand, DE, or cartridge filters from Pentair, Hayward, and Jandy.  Along with the filters themselves we have all the parts you would ever need to keep them working at top form for as long as possible, such as replacement grids, o-rings, and valves.

Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to keeping your pool clean we have everything you could ask for.  We have leaf rakes and nets to keep the surface of your pool free of debris. When it comes time to brush your pool we sell a number of different types brushes for you to choose from. For all of the nets and brushes we also have the pole that they attach to. We also stock vacuum heads and hoses to clean to bottom of the pool.

We sell a wide variety of pumps here at Swim Gem.  For each of the pumps we sell, we also sell all the replacement parts you could want, including baskets, o-rings, and lids. If you run into something you can’t fix on your own, one of our service crews can come out and take care of it for you, or you could bring your motor into our shop to be serviced.


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