Swim Gem Inc. specializes in quality pool services that are performed in a professional manner. Our pool company takes pride in serving you and your family to the best of our ability.


Water Testing/Analysis

The addition of chemicals to your pool ensures it is safe to swim and enjoy time with your family. Bring a pool water sample and we perform an in-depth, proper water analysis. After the testing has been completed, our certified staff gives you a plan of action to improve the quality of your pool water.


We Test a Variety of Components of Your Pool, including:

  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity  • Chlorine 
  • Calcium Hardness  • Stabilizer
  • Phosphate Testing  • Copper & Iron

  • Total Dissolved Solids


On-site Pool Services

Improve the functionality of your pool with our premium services. Some of the services we perform include: 

• Filter Repair
• Heater Repair
• Pool Openings
• Light Bulb Replacement
• Heater Installation
• Computer System Installation
• Safety Drain Cover Installation 
• Loop-Loc Safety Cover Measurement

• Baby-Loc Safety Fence Measurement  


Note: We do not perform: acid washes, tile replacement or sealing between coping and decks.

Pool Services

Contact us to request more information about the pricing of our pool chemicals and other equipment.

Pool Closings
• Filter Installation
• Pump Installation
• Computer System Repair
• Automatic Pool Cleaner Repair
• Automatic Pool Cleaner Installation
• Salt & Mineral Spring System Repair
• Salt & Mineral Spring System Installation

• Pump Repair

Swim Gem Inc.


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